After a few months he told me the technique.

Best italian restaurants in roswell ga
The secret is to pay attention to the flowers, if they are fresh, the place is good,
but if they are dry, the food is not good. And if they’re plastic, even worse, you
can bet the food is terrible. I’m not a chef , but I know a tip that works 100% of
the time for me. If the restaurant sign is broken, the lights are off, or some need
to be replaced, then surely a terrible experience and poor service awaits. I
always say this to my friends every time we go somewhere new and they think
I’m kidding, but it always works. Ever! If the menu is on the street, has photos, is
translated into several languages, and the restaurant is located near a tourist
attraction, don’t waste your time. These signs indicate that the target audience
for the restaurant is tourists, so you are likely to encounter high prices and the
taste of the food is quite unpredictable. The restaurant doesn’t care about your
experience, the main thing is to attract as many customers as possible, after all,
many will never return anyway.

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