Butterfly and Il Falconiere Italian Restaurants

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The rustic decor in a place by the road, does not let us even imagine that we will receive a dish
full of modernity, beauty and sophistication! It features an innovative menu (including tasting
menu) and a very varied wine list offering the option to order just one glass, without the need
to buy the bottle. It’s fantastic! Important: reservation required! Where is it: S.S. (Strada
Statale) 12 del Brennero, 192 – Lucca.
What are the best restaurants in Italy? IN CORTONA
Il Falconiere
To close the list with a flourish, we present one of the most beautiful restaurants in Italy, Il
Falconiere! Take the opportunity to take photos. The restaurant is inside a complex where
there is also a SPA and a beautiful hotel. Under the command of young chef Silvia Baracchi, the
dishes follow the Italian tradition of impeccable classic cuisine, but are presented from a new
point of view. The restaurant also offers gastronomy classes and owns a star in the Michelin
Guide. Important: reservation required! Where is it: San Martino a Bocena, 370 – Cortona.

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