Induction Motor Operation

The induction motor is an engine that has its operating principle based on the creation of a rotating magnetic field. In an induction motor, the speed of rotation is different from the speed of synchronism and this fact is because there is a speed difference between the rotor and the rotating field of the stator. At this speed difference we call the slip name 471341 Small Bore Inch Seal.

Magnetic fields are measured through a magnitude called magnetic induction, which is symbolized by the letter B, whose unit is the Tesla (T). The value of B is higher in regions where the lines are more concentrated. The field winding can be single-phase or three-phase. The way this winding is established determines the number of motor poles, among other operational characteristics. Its terminals are extended to a terminal box, where the connection will be made to the mains power supply. In the region around a magnet focus some special phenomena, such as the attraction of iron fragments or the deviation of the needle from a compass. We say that in this region there is a magnetic field, which can be represented by induction lines.

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