Sliding Bearings – Maintenance

The maintenance of sliding bearings includes repetitive checking of lubricant level and conditions, checking noise levels and bearing vibrations, monitoring the working temperature and tightening the fastening and mounting screws.

If the bearing is electrically insulated, the spherical bearing surfaces of the bushing in the housing are covered with an insulation material. This cover should never be removed. The anti-rotation pin is also insulated, and the sealing seals are made of nonconductive material.

The housing should be kept clean, with no oil or dust accumulating on its outside to facilitate the exchange of heat with the environment. Threaded holes for connection of thermometer, level display, oil inlet and outlet, oil circulation pump or thermometer for reading in the tank are sturdy on both sides, so that the connections can be made by the right or left side of the housing of the bearing. The oil drain is centered on the underside of the bearing. In the case of bearings with oil circulation lubrication the outlet piping must be connected to the position of the level display.

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