Thermal Insulation Element Performance

It is very important to observe the proper balance of the currents in the three phases, ensuring that the frequency predicted for the motor is identical to the frequency of the mains. In this way, the durability of an insulator can be relatively reduced in case of a representative overheating of the machine. The main causes that result in the degradation of the insulation are factors, such as line overvoltage, current overcurrent in the starters, the accumulation of dust forming conductive bridges and attack by acid vapors or gases entrained by ventilation, among others.

Therefore, in order to prevent the degradation of these insulators, it is recommended that some measures be taken, such as adequately equipping the power boards with protective devices and appropriate controls and periodically verifying their operation. Take advantage of the stopping periods of the motors to sanitize the winding coils. If necessary, install filters on the ventilation systems of the motors, providing them with specific maintenance. Store and install the motors in salubrious locations. Check for signs of smoke. Check the insulation conditions periodically. It is also very important to observe noises and vibrations, as well as signs of overheating, noting periodically the temperatures throughout the operation.

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