Tina Bini, from Viagens & Gastronomia and Casa Europa

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Unfortunately, São Paulo once again enters the red phase from Saturday 6. The strictest stage
of restriction of urban mobility and non-essential services is in effect until March 19, due to
the alarming increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths caused by the coronavirus.
It’s time to stay home and take care of yourself! Then enjoy our special selection of deliveries
from homes that masterfully prepare Italian cuisine. After all, who doesn’t love good pasta?
Choose your favorite and buon appetito!
house europe
Pappardelle della mama and burrata from Casa Europa
Great option for those who love a good pasta. Work up an appetite with the fried Polenta with
grana padano (R$39) or the Tuna Carpaccio with truffled parsley and aioli, finished with Sicilian
lemon zest (R$38). The main Pappardelle della mama e burrata (R$ 80) is impeccable, but it
also has tasty options such as Apple Ravioli (fresh pasta stuffed with apple, ricotta and
mushrooms finished with corn based on gorgonzola cheese, carrots and zucchini and tapenade
of olives – R$ 76) or Octopus on the grill with sweet potato, broccoli and cherry tomatoes (R$
106). Finish with Churros with dulce de leche (R$ 28). Place your order via iFood here.

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