“We decided to opt for this operation, first, to keep up with the market trend and

Second, to meet the demand of a large part of our customers who ordered dishes
from Varandas delivered at home. And quickly”, he explains. The first step was to
identify which menu items could reach their destination with the same quality
offered in the salon and to have a prepared – and exclusive – team to fully monitor
delivery orders. Afterwards, they looked for differentiated packages that resist the
journey and guarantee that the customer receives the meal according to the
purchase, with excellent quality. Chef Fábio Benedetti, one of the owners of Paellas
Pepe, had to seek with the restaurant team a special formula to be able to act in
the delivery, without sacrificing the quality and presentation of the paellas. “I only
prepare the dish when the order is placed, we use packaging with the greatest
possible thermal technology and we strive for fast delivery.” In addition, they offer
the possibility of delivering the paella directly to the paellera where it is
prepared. “And it is for the customer, who can return it in a next delivery, receiving a
discount on this second order.” Italian restaurants in downtown alpharetta ga

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